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We spread the Magic of your most beautiful day

Ramos Photo Studio is a team of photographers specialized in wedding services. Through our lenses, we will capture and transmit all the different lights, shadows and emotions that will follow you along the path to your most beautiful day.

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After having filled a survey, we will follow you during the choice of the perfect location for you. We will also provide you a small guide to prepare yourself for the wedding day.

Ramos Photo Studio offers to the spouses the opportunity to make a photo shoot before the wedding in a special location chosen together.



Our creative, sensational and unlimited shots will capture every emotion and every vibration for all your wedding day.

Ramos Photo Studio will also take in charge the video production of your wedding event thanks to the collaboration with videomakers, using drones if necessary.



Would you like a photographic memory in a place where you are affectionately linked or in a particular city?

Ramos Photo Studio will follow you to the location of your choice, also abroad, to make a post wedding photo shoot with the dresses of the ceremony.

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At your service, to spread the best of your love story

Creativity, quality and originality are the characteristics that distinguish Ramos Photo Studio, to relive in every moment the wedding day through unique and special photo shots!


Trying to fully understand your needs and your requests, we will assist you in choosing the location for the ceremony and for the wedding reception. We also carry out on-site inspections with you, to ensure that the place will be memorable on the day of the ceremony!


The satisfaction of our customers and the perfection of our services are for us primary goals: based on the location ypu chose, we provide a small guide on how to prepare for the wedding day, in order to take care of all the aspects for a perfect photo shoot.


Within 60 days of the ceremony, you will receive your photos at home inside a Woodbox: a personalized wooden box containing 20 photographic prints of our choice. Inside the USB stick you will find all the photos taken, among which choose the 150 to be included in the photo album.